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HPOGC provides a large inventory of standard and specialized milling tools, which cover a wide range of milling requirements for our customers.

Major HPOGC Mill Categories:

Junk Mill

HPOGC junk mills are produced from high strength heat treated alloy and are the most commonly used to mill up or dress off a wide variety of junks such as squeeze tools, packers, tubing, bridge plugs. It can also be utilized for wells where there is a combination of junk and cement.

Econo Mill

The HPOGC Econo Mill is a low-cost mill for light-duty milling jobs. It is dressed with tungsten carbide, and is an effective tool for milling packers, bridge plugs, cement retainers and tubular equipment.

Taper Mill

Our taper mill is designed for milling through various types of downhole obstructions, and for reaming out liners and whipstock windows. It is designed for milling through tight spots in tubulars.

Pilot Mill

The HPOGC pilot mill is best used for milling stuck tubulars, such as packers, liner hangers, rotary shoes or drill pipes. It can also be used to clean a casing head prior to running the casing patch, as well as suppressing the damaged parts of a casing string.

String Watermelon Mill

This HPOGC mill is designed and dressed with the capability of milling up or down, and allowing reaming in both directions. This mill is designed to grind casing into a fine powder, instead of metal shavings.

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