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Mechanical packers have been used in non-cemented completions to create an annular seal between the open hole and the production casing for many years. But in some cases such as slotted liners, it is not possible to pressurize and set the packers. This is where swellable packers come in as alternative to meet the challenge.

The HPOGC swellable packer system can be used in both cased or open hole wells. Depending on the type of rubber utilized, HPOGC swellable packers can be designed to swells when exposed to hydrocarbon (oil) or water based fluid. The amount of swelling depends on the chemistry of the fluid and the temperature at which the exposure occurs. Fluid absorption into the elastomer occurs through diffusion. The swell pressure increases until no more diffusion occurs. At this time, a differentially sealing annular barrier is created.

A major benefit of swellable packers are their operational simplicity. There are no moving parts required through pipe manipulation or by applied hydraulic pressure. No specialized service personnel are needed. The packers are simply run to depth, similar to the casing, and allowed to swell before production or injection operations commence.

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