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Hamrah Poushesh Oil and Gas Engineering Services Company (HPOGC) and branch offices in Canada, UAE and Iran are pleased to provide services to the Oil and Gas industry in Iran and throughout the Middle East.

HPOGC offers a wide range of downhole equipment, technical expertise and operational services to the oil and gas industry. HPOGC strives to provide a complete line of innovative equipment and services to the local and international markets.

The Services we provide are as follows:


Project Management & Engineering Consulting:

Reservoir & Production Engineering Services

  • Production Optimization using Artificial Lift Methods
  • Production Optimization using Sand Control Methods
  • Well Performance Evaluation and Drill String Design
  • Production Monitoring

Drilling Engineering Services

  • Drilling Optimization
  • Vertical Well Planning
  • Directional Well Planning
  • High-Tech Drilling Equipment Design

Manufacturing and Operation Services

Window Opening & Side Tracking Equipment

  • Whipstock System
  • Section Mill

Expandable Equipment

  • Stopgap Expandable Liner (SEL)
  • Sandstop Expandable Screen (SES)

Downhole Plugs

  • Cement Retainer
  • Bridge Plug
  • RTTS

Inflatable Packers (except Rubber Element)

  • Thru-Tubing Inflatable Packer
  • External Casing Packer (ECP)

Milling Tools

  • Junk Mill
  • Taper Mill
  • Econo Mill
  • Pilot Mill
  • Watermelon Mill

Liner Hanger

  • Rotating Liner Hanger

Under Reamer
Electric Submersible Pumps
Drilling Bit

  • Matrix Body PDC Bit

Redressing and Maintenance Services

Drilling Down Hole Motors
Electric Submersible pumps
Matrix Body PDC Bits
Milling Tools


Procurement and Operation Services

Directional & Performance Drilling Equipment

  • Motors

Electric Submersible Pumps
Casing & Cementing Accessories
Rotational Liner Hanger
Steel and Matrix Body PDC Bit

We Thrive On Challenging Projects. They Produce Bigger Rewards In The End.

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