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Packer Service Tools

HPOGC provides an array of drillable and retrievable tools for various applications, including wellbore and stimulation isolation, cement squeezing operations and drillstem testing.

Drillable Bridge Plugs

HPOGC drillable bridge plugs can be conveyed by threaded pipe, coiled tubing, or wireline setting tools. Drillable bridge plugs are ideal for a wide range of applications including multiple zone isolations and major plug-and-abandonment work. These versatile and dependable plugs will cut your costs and increase the efficiency of your isolation or plugging operations.

Drillable Cement Retainers

Drillable cement retainers provide a fail-safe barrier for plug-and-abandonment and many other types of pressure-pumping applications. Our retainers can be conveyed with tubing, coiled tubing or wireline. They keep hydrostatic pressure off the zone that has been squeezed so you can achieve better squeeze cement jobs. Our tools will improve the reliability of your plug and abandon projects.







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