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Fishing and Milling Services

Our re-entry, fishing and thru-tubing services help clients repair wells that have mechanical problems or that need work to prolong production of oil and natural gas reserves.

Fishing Services

Fishing services are provided through teams of experienced fishing tool supervisors and a comprehensive line of fishing and milling tools. Our teams provide conventional fishing services, such as removing wellbore obstructions, including stuck or dropped equipment, tools, drillstring components and other debris, that have been lost downhole unintentionally during the drilling, completion or workover of new and old wells. Specialty fishing tools required in these activities include fishing jars, milling tools, casing cutters, overshots and spears. Our Fishing Services business unit also provides well patches and extensive plug-and-abandonment products.

  Thru-tubing Services

Thru-tubing services are used in well re-entry activity to allow operators to perform complex drilling, completion and cementing activities from existing wellbores without removing existing production systems. We provide a full range of thru-tubing services and products, including drilling motors, casing exits, fishing and milling, zonal isolation packers and other well remediation services.

Section Milling

The HPOGC section mill is unmatched for hole opening, underreaming, and casing milling. The section mill is as reliable as the drillstring itself because the lock is an extension of the drillstring. There is direct control of the tool, as if the lock were in the driller's hand.

Pilot Milling

The high-performance METAL MUNCHER pilot mill is used for milling washover pipe, casing, and liners. The blade design continuously indexes a new cutting surface during milling. The insert design produces small, uniform and easy to handle cuttings.

Junk Milling

The Junk Mill, dressed with Tungsten Carbide chews its way through the toughest drilling materials. It is often said to be

the true workhorse of down hole milling operations.

When drill pipe is cemented inside and out, an HPOGC Junk Mill is the only tool will do the work. However, if the drill collars or drill pipe are not collapsed and the I.D. is open, a Pilot Mill can sometimes be used to better advantage. Often you can get better results with a Pilot Mill on wash pipe as well.







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