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Expandable Tubular Services

HPOGC is the local leader in commercializing and installing expandable technologies. We began with the development of Sandstop Expandable Screen (SES) technology in the south oilfields of Iran and have expanded into other expandable tubular products and expansion systems.

Sandstop Expandable Screen (SES) Technology

HPOGC is the local leader of SES technology. By using the compliant roller based expansion concept – exclusive to foreign partner– our supplied SES system continues to be the only well screen offering true wellbore contact and support.

SES makes the most efficient use of the wellbore space of any completion system. This means that the inflow area is maximized, optimizing both the drawdown and inflow profiles along the well.

Using a SES sand control system results in a larger effective wellbore diameter, consequently reducing Non-Darcy skins and maximizing well productivity.

It has also been proven that using a SES simple mechanical installation will reduce time and risk when compared to Gravel Packing, ultimately driving costs down.

Stopgap Expandable Liner (SEL)

“Expandable Liner System”

Significantly reduces drilling spend by isolating problem zones with no loss of hole size.

Stopgap Expandable Liner (SEL), a slotted expandable tubular technology used in the drilling phase of the well, offers an attractive, cost-saving alternative. SEL can be planned into a well's design as a contingency to solve a suspected drilling problem, which means you can remove the other “standard” contingency casing strings from the drilling plan where SEL is deemed appropriate.

Additionally, unlike conventional casing, the SEL system can be run through the previous casing and then expanded across the problem zone without further telescoping of the well. This capability allows drilling operations to continue with the same bit size, which in turn permits drilling of the subsequent  intervals, and ultimately the reservoir, with no loss of hole size. The end result is improved well productivity.






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