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Directional Drilling Services

HPOGC Directional Drilling services has earned a regional reputation for providing reliable and cost-effective services. Our best-in-class technology gives operators performance, precise wellbore placement and faster ROP. We offer a variety of directional drilling solutions for all applications - from land and shallow water environments to extended-reach offshore drilling.

Mud Motors

Drilling conventional, horizontal and complex wells safely, efficiently and economically in today's drilling environment requires the utmost in expertise and technology.  HPOGC has applied its experience to use the most reliable Downhole Motors from the best Motor manufacturers to increase efficiency in her Directional Drilling Projects.

Directional Drilling Software

HPOGC offers  the industry reliable Directional Drilling software as part of our  data management service to help operators cope with the growing complexity of directional wells, both highly technically challenging and very costly.

Performance Drilling

To meet performance drilling objectives,  HPOGC incorporates experienced personnel, advanced processes, leading drilling technology, and proven drilling software.  Engineering and assembly design play an essential role in performance drilling which is a solid part of HPOGC Directional Team.

Performance Motors

Hostile downhole environments and difficult drilling conditions demand a combination of performance and reliability.  HPOGC supplied performance motors answer the challenges of harsh downhole conditions by delivering maximum torque and horsepower with unsurpassed reliability.

Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD)

HPOGC utilizes measurement-while-drilling (MWD) surveying technology to determine the well path and its position in three-dimensional space. MWD is a valuable tool that can establish true vertical depth, bottom-hole location, and orientation of directional drilling systems.

A range of measurements of the drillstring, BHA and wellbore properties are available to ensure the drilling is occurring according to plan and to identify conditions that could lead to equipment damage or other non-productive time events.








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