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Casing Exit & Openhole Sidetracking

Re-entry Services

Our re-entry services include casing exit services and advanced multilateral systems. Conventional and advanced casing exit systems allow sidetrack and lateral drilling solutions for clients who either cannot proceed down the original well track or want to drill lateral wells from the main or parent wellbore.

Whipstock Systems (Casing Exit Systems)

Our fast, efficient, reliable, and versatile Whipstock systems enable one-trip, full-gauge window cutting in a wide range of formations and hole conditions. Good casing exits are crucial to reaching previously uneconomical reserves and bypassing trouble.

Our Whipstock technology - anchors, window mills, retrieving tools, section mills, underreamers, whipstocks, and accessory tools - and global experience have proven to be successful in hundreds of wells.

We can deliver a high-quality casing exit from any kind of steel. Full-gauge windows give you more completion options. Regardless of your requirements for a casing exit—to solve problems or get faster access to new reserves—get it done faster, more efficiently, and with minimum risk.

Openhole Whipstock Systems

Our patented Openhole Whipstock Systems proven to be the most reliable and cost efficient tool for the Openhole Sidetracks where conventional  methods are impractical or time and cost consuming. With HPOGC Openhole Whipstock Systems simply sidetrack your well with running, setting the anchor, dispatching drilling assembly and finishing the sidetrack simply in one trip.


We have the most efficient tool for hole opening, underreaming, and casing milling, which gets the job done with the lowest cost and risk.  

our underreamer offers fast run-in, positive expansion, positive locking, and positive unlocking. HPOGC underreamer is as reliable as the drillstring itself because the lock is an extension of the drillstring. There is direct control of the tool, as if the lock were in the driller's hand.








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