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Artificial Lift Services | The Smart Solution for the Life of Your Well

We are the only company in the Iranian oil industry offering a systems approach to asset recovery solutions. We consider customers’ needs and requirements, and then analyze well data, system characteristics, equipment capabilities, related costs and other critical factors to determine the right system for optimum performance.

HPOGC is the local industry’s leading single-source provider of all forms of artificial lift systems and services for the life of the well.

ESP Services

HPOGC supplied Electric Submersible Pumping (ESP) Systems provide the operating efficiency and extended free service life required to solve many artificial lift challenges. Often considered the high volume and depth champion among lift systems, Electric Submersible Pumping Systems are an integral part of HPOGX’s complete suite of artificial lift systems, products and services for production enhancement and ultimate reservoir recovery.

PCP Services

An integral part of HPOGC’s complete suite of artificial list systems for production enhancement and ultimate reservoir recovery, Progressing Cavity Pumping (PCP) Systems include a comprehensive portfolio of value-added products, services and systems solutions for a variety of lifting applications and well conditions.

Gas Lift Services

Gas lift is an artificial lift process that most clearly resembles the natural flow process and basically operates as an enhancement to or extension of that process. When natural gas is produced with oil or is available from nearby wells from injection, gas lift is typically the preferred form of artificial lift.

Reciprocating Rod Lift Systems

HPOGC’s comprehensive portfolio of artificial lift systems, products and services incorporate precision-engineered Reciprocating Rod Lift Systems designed for optimum performance and production enhancement. A large percentage of artificially lifted wells are equipped with reciprocating rod lift systems, also known as sucker rod or beam pumping systems. Using highly trained professionals, in-depth analysis programs and experienced technical and field support, HPOGC has proven successful in providing solutions with exceptional economic value and operating efficiencies.







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