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Oilfield Services

HPOGC service technicians and supervisors are specially  trained to assist in and supervise the installation, oilfield  operations, inspection and maintenance of all HPOGC and Partner’s products. These service technicians and supervisors are available at any time, and are dispatched from strategically  located HPOGC facilities.
With one Workshop set up in a 3000 square meters area in the Hashtgerd Industrial City and another one with 1500 square meters area in Ahwaz City to support Operational Requirements on the Company, HPOGC objective is to furnish services that meet all of our customers requirements  and to complete each project on time every time.
Through the development and implementation of our quality assurance program, we will provide the necessary policies and procedures to ensure that all quality aspects are addressed. HPOGC is committed to provide quality services that are served fully in accordance with the project specifications, local and international standards. These total quality management concepts have been instituted at all levels of our organization.




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