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Whipstock Fishing Tools

Hook Assembly Retrieval Tool

A whipstock assembly with a hook slot in the whip face can be retrieved with the hook assembly retrieval tool. The anchor can be a retrievable hydraulic anchor, mechanical anchor, or expandable hydraulic anchor. The tool has been designed to hook into the slot on the whip face and then a pull applied to release the assembly. A typical retrieval BHA would include a retrieval tool, full gage stabilizer, joint of drill pipe, surveying equipment, crossover, heavyweight drill pipe, and drill pipe.

Die Collar Assembly Retrieval Tool

A die collar assembly retrieval tool; consist of a die collar section designed to pull the whipface and a cut lip guide, designed to lift the whipface of the casing or tubing wall. A typical bottom hole assembly (BHA) for retrieval may consist of a retrieval tool, full gauge stabilizer, bumper sub, fishing jar, full gauge stabilizer, crossover, heavyweight drill pipe, and drill pipe. A safety joint and accelerator are used in some assemblies.




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