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Other Fishing Tools

Pin Tap

Pin Taps provide an economical means to retrieve a tubular fish that is restrained from rotation. Pin taps are designed to mate with a box up tool joint, and include an open bore to allow wireline tools to be run through the tap.


Taper Tap

Taper Taps provide an economical means to retrieve a tubular fish that is restrained from rotation. One-piece taper taps are constructed with a fine thread form that allows the tap to work as a threading tool.



Rotating and Releasing (R&R) Overshot

The Series 150-Type Releasing Overshot is designed to engage, pack off and retrieve tubular fish, and is especially suited to retrieve parted drill pipe and drill collars. The Series 150-Type Overshot features a large bore for use in conjunction with wireline tools, and is available in a range of strength categories for jarring and back-off operations.The tool’s unique tapered helix internal construction provides 360 degree wall contact while distributing loads evenly on the tool and the fish. Spiral grapples or basket grapples are available. Spiral grapples are used when the maximum catch size of the overshot is necessary, and expandable cylinder basket grapples are used when the fish OD is more than one-half inch smaller than the tool’s maximum catch size.The Series 150-Type Releasing Overshot is available in four different configurations: Full Strength (FS), Semi Full Strength (SFS), Slim Hole (SH) and Extra Slim Hole (XSH), to cover a range of external catch fishing requirements.



Itco-Type Releasing Spear

The Itco-Type Releasing Spear is a superior fishing spear which is designed to assure positive engagement with the fish. The Itco-Type Releasing Spear internally engages and retrieves drill pipe, casing, tubing or any other obstruction with up to a 20-inch inside diameter. It is built to withstand severe jarring and pulling strains, while heavy-duty versions of the spear can be used with pulling tools for maximum performance. It engages the fish over a large area to minimize damage to or distortion of the fish.


Casing Swage

The Casing Swage restores dented, buckled or collapsed casing to near its original shape and diameter. The tapered anvil construction of the Casing Swage utilizes mechanical force supplied by downhole impact equipment such as bumper subs or drilling jars to open casing obstructions to near their original diameter


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