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Openhole Whipstocks

Using a Whipstock versus a cement plug has become a

successful and economical alternative. The challenge in using a whipstock is anchoring it in open hole to effectively sidetrack the well. We have developed successful methods to accomplish this.

Inflatable Anchor Openhole Whipstock System

Openhole whipstock system with IPP packer anchor is a single-trip, screw-in style whipstock with inflatable packer anchor. The inflatable injection production packer (IPP) anchor enables the operator to position the lateral departure in the openhole wellbore without a false bottom or cement barrier, accessing the pay zone in the shortest possible route. This reliable, field-proven alternative eliminates multiple trips and costly cementing operations, helping to drive down overall installed well costs.

Expandable Anchor Single Trip Openhole Whipstock

The Expandable Anchor Openhole Whipstock is designed to be set in open hole, expanded the Anchor and set into position. This type can be also cemented in place.

This Type of Whipstock is generally used to sidetrack in open hole when a hard formation will not allow the drill out. The Openhole Whipstock can be oriented with the use of orientation sub and survey equipment.

 Cement Type Whipstock

This is the most simple Openhole Whipstock Type that requires multiple trips to put the whipstock in bottom of the well and cement it in place. To run the system, the whipstock and tailpipe assembly are picked up and attached to the running tool. An inner string is run through the whipstock assembly to provide a circulation path for the cement. The system is run to

depth where a cement plug is pumped around the

assembly and the running tool is pulled from the well. A drilling assembly is then run and the well is sidetracked





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