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Mills and Wash over Shoes

Speedy Whipstock tri-mill

SPEEDY® Tri-Mill, the 9th generation of HPOGC whipstock milling tools, is the creature of dynamic thoughts of HPOGC engineering department whom utilizing the resultants of Window Opening Job Reports done by HPOGC Field Operations Team,  researching on developing edges of optimization using advanced CAD/CAE and mechanical engineering software and finally, improving former generations of milling tools.

Bladed Junk Mill

Bladed Junk Mills are dressed with high quality tungsten carbide to ensure optimum performance in every application. Bladed Junk Mills are suitable for all types of general junk milling, as well as the removal of packers, retainers and squeeze tools.Bladed Junk Mills are available in sizes ranging from 3 1/2 inches to 28 inches, with fishing necks of 2 7/8 inches to 11 1/4 inches.





Cement Mill

Cement Mills are designed for light milling, such as float collars, plugs, bridge plugs and retainers. An open pattern cuts quickly on tubular fish and the mill does not easily clog with cement or formation. Cement Mills are faster and more durable when cutting steel than a steel tooth bit and is recommended for any operation where the alternative is a steel tooth bit.


Conebuster Mill

Conebuster Mills are ideal for heavy milling such as bit cones, slips and pieces of downhole tools. A concave cutting face with a thick cutting structure ensures long service life and efficient milling. This type of mill is not recommended for cement cleanout.Conebuster Mills are available in sizes ranging from 3 1/2 inches to 17 1/2 inches, with fishing necks of 3 1/8 inches to 9 1/2 inches.



Pilot Mill

Pilot Mills are suitable for milling sections of tubular junk and can be used as a dress mill for the installation of a casing patch. They can be used for milling liner hangers and other downhole tools with a through bore.Pilot Mills are available in sizes ranging from 3 1/4 inches to 17 inches, with fishing necks of 3 1/8 inches to 8 inches.


Taper Mill

Taper Mills are designed specifically for milling through tight spots in tubulars. Heavy crushed carbide dressing increases on-bottom time, while ground OD and stabilizer pads eliminate the risk of cutting through the casing. Taper Mills are recommended for cleaning out liners, tubing and other collapsed or deformed tubulars. They can also be run ahead of other milling tools to clean out “bird nests.”


String Taper Mill

String Taper Mills are ideal for cleaning out damaged casing, liners or tubing, and are also recommended for removing keyseats in open hole. The design tapers from the top and the bottom of the mill, allowing reaming operations from both directions. Pin down and box up connections allow the mill to be run in a drill collar string or combined with a smaller pilot assembly to avoid sidetracking when removing obstructions in casing.String Taper Mills are available in sizes ranging from 3 1/2 inches to 17 1/2 inches, with fishing necks of 3 1/8 inches to 9 1/2 inches.


Washover Shoes

Washing over is an effective method of freeing stuck pipe in the wellbore, by cutting away and circulating out obstructions hindering the pipe’s movement. We offers an array of washover shoes in various configurations to suit a range of downhole conditions. Washover shoes and associated equipment can be specially fabricated for any job




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