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Pipe Handling Equipment




    Elevator/Spider Systems

    Links and Hooks



Manufacturing Standards / Quality Standards

API-8A, API-8C, API-7K, ISO-9001, API-Q1, ABS-QA


The HPOGC Pipe Handling Equipment from well-known manufacturers make it possible to handle any pipes, regardless of size.  It features every type of casing, tubing, drill pipe and collar in the full range of sizes. The company offers heavy pipe handling tools such as elevators, spiders and power slips that may be fitted with a range of inserts to handle all sizes ranging from 2 3/8" to 30".

Having the reliability and safety in mind, quality control procedures are firmly in place with our supplied Pipe Handling Equipment. The offered equipments are including:  

      Power Slips

      Hydraulic Elevators

      Manual Elevators

      Manual Tongs

      Power Tongs

      Rotary Slips

      Elevator Links

      Bowls & Bushings

      Hinge Casing Spiders

      Other Equipment/Services upon request

Manufacturing /Quality Standards of

API-8C, API-7K, ISO9001, API-Q1, ABS-QA and


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