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HPOGC Hydraulic PDC Underreamer is a hard wearing tool, used to enlarge the borehole beyond bit diameter. It can be opened and closed several times in downhole condition, making it the best choice for section enlarging jobs. This simple and efficient arm design increases longevity and facilitates field maintenance. The optimum mud ports placement also ensures thorough cleaning of the PDCs for faster reaming with less pack-off risks.



 Unexpected remedial underreaming jobs for running expandable casing/liners.

 Top hole section enlargement when a surface diameter restriction is present.

 Gravel packing work-over.

 Wiping out bridges and key seats.

 Adequate annular space for cementing.

 Gravel packing for gas storage wells.

 Section enlarging or window opening job.

 ncreasing Inflow diameter in Pay zone.

 Removing mud invaded zone at reservoir section



Maintaining wellbore directional path while enlarging, neutral directional behavior.

Integral stabilizer blades.

No bearings, minimal moving parts (1piston, 3arms).

Ease of service and downhole operation.

Design selection of hole size and cutting types.

Simple and effective arm design.

Improved durability and field maintenance.

Faster operations with less packing-off risks

Ease of hydraulic design



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