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Liner Hangers and Casing Accessories

HPOGC supplies a complete line of tools for setting and cementing liners  over a wide range of depths, weights and sizes.

Our supplied equipment has been used around the world on some of the deepest and most difficult wells, on “state-of-the-art” horizontal completions, in deepwater applications, and on less challenging wells where the customer simply wanted the most reliable completion equipment   available. We can recommend individual products or equipment  combinations to meet the conditions of any well, anywhere in the world.

HPOGC offers a full line of liner hangers and the equipment necessary to prepare a well for production or stimulation. Liner hangers are available in a variety of sizes and specifications to suit a wide range of well applications. Running the appropriate liner hanger system to complete a well reduces operational costs and well completion time, lessens weight on the wellhead, decreases casing length, diminishes risks and formation damage, improves cement jobs, and increases flow rates and well production.
HPOGC also offers premium downhole cementing equipment including centralization products and float equipment. The product line also encompasses casing attachments, cementing plugs, stage cementing collars and plug dropping cement heads.






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