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Drill Bits

HPOGC by the help of her Canadian Partner has the ability to produce designs in steel and tungsten carbide (matrix) drill bits. We also provide PDC and Three Cone Bits through our partner in Canada.

We are able to provide steel and matrix bodies in a variety of configurations to meet any application –directional, horizontal, vertical as well as most any formation. Light cutter sets and small blade counts for soft formations. In harder formations we increase the blade count and use smaller cutter sizes.

Bits can be produced with a variety of gage options ranging from diamond PCD protection to natural diamond as well as highly abrasion resistant combinations of PCD diamonds and tungsten carbide in a smooth surface for low torque in steering and horizontal applications.

We can produce from 4 blade to 15 blade bits, in sizes from 3 ⅞” up to and including 17 ½”. Our cutters sizes are 9mm, 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, and 25mm.



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