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Downhole Motors

Get maximum drilling speeds with HPOGC provided DOWNHOLE DRILLING MOTORS from famous Canadian and American Motor Manufacturers. Our supplied motors provide customers with an extended, reliable service life. With state of the art design, materials and manufacturing processes, our line of drilling motors continues to offer users the highest efficiency for their drilling applications.


HPOGC provides the oil and gas industry with a complete array of drilling motor services, including tool assembly/disassembly, cleaning, inspection, repair and maintenance. HPOGC is also a complete source for motor spare parts and components. This includes rotors, stators, couplings, radial bearings, bearing assemblies and stabilizers.


While the proposed drilling operation may be very complex and require detailed planning, a number of factors must also be considered when selecting the motor. On request, HPOGC will work with the client to determine the most suitable motor configuration for a particular job.

The particular application for which the motor will be used is the first consideration (e.g. vertical drilling, directional drilling, steerable-system drilling, HDD, etc.). Other factors include bit type, speed, torque, WOB, bit pressure drop, flow rate, mud type, BH circulating temperature, hole size, tubular specs, stabilizer placement, well profile and site logistics.

The client will be asked to provide such basic job information, based on which HPOGC  will recommend a motor and BHA configuration to optimize ROP and overall drilling performance.


HPOGC will consult with the client to determine the most cost effective manner of providing for optimum motor reliability. In some cases, that may mean having full motor redundancy on site. In other cases, back-up arrangements may consist of hot-shotting replacement motors/parts. In addition HPOGC  may utilize its fleet of motors in a given service area to provide support in a cost-effective manner.

HPOGC  provides its clients with 24/7 telephone support to ensure critical components are available to minimize drilling downtime.



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