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Downhole Completion Equipment

Working in cooperation with Canadian Manufacturers, we provide well equipment and engineering / field services to the energy industry in Iran. With fully trained and qualified personnel, we are fully equipped to provide complete technical backup, engineering and field support services to our Clients in the installation, operation and maintenance of all equipment that we provide on both Sale and Rental basis.

HPOGC ordered equipment is manufactured specifically to meet our Client requirements world-wide, and to our specifications. It includes, but is not limited to :

   Single / Dual String Retrievable / Permanent Completion Packers & Accessories

  Thermal, Steamflood, Waterflood And Gaslift Completion Equipment

   Flow Control Equipment – Sliding Sleeves, Seating Nipples, Plugs, etc.

    Wireline Tools, Coiled Tubing Tools And Accessories

   Expansion Joints, On/Off Tools, PBR Assemblies

   Conventional Gravel Pack Equipment

   Retrievable Scab Liner Systems, Permanent Internal Casing Patches

   Service Tools, Squeeze Packers, RBP’S, Perforation Wash Tools

   Cement Retainers And Permanent Bridge Plugs (Mechanical And Wireline Set)Tubing Swivels

   ECP’s, Inflatable Packer Systems (through representation)

   Liner Hanger Systems (Mechanical And Hydraulic), For Vertical,  Directional And Horizontal Applications

We serve as trusted Ally and Business Partners to all clients, anywhere we are needed. We provide full technical backup & engineering support for the installation, repair & maintenance of all equipment and services that we render.



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