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Reciprocating Rod Pump Systems

Improving on an Industry Standard

Known traditionally as the “iron workhorse” of artificial lift, reciprocating rod lift plays an integral role in HPOGC’s artificial lift offerings.  HPOGC’s precision-engineered surface and subsurface equipment plus pumping unit service, repair and refurbishment stands unmatched in the industry today. Coupled with highly-trained professionals, experienced technical support and in-depth analysis programs, our integrated approach extends traditional performance capabilities of the oldest form of lift.

Our  provided rod lift systems have a history of proven reliability, while giving operators the flexibility to reuse various components in different well applications. HPOGC offers virtually every reciprocating rod lift component, either as stand alone product or part of a completely integrated system for maximum efficiency and operation.

For more information on our Reciprocating Rod Pump Systems please contact your nearest HPOGC representative.



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