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PCP Systems

A Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP) consists of a single helical gear (rotor) which rotates inside a double internal helical elastomeric gear (stator). The rotor is precisely machined from high strength steel; the stator is molded of resilient elastomer. Thus an interference fit can be obtained. When the rotor is inserted in the stator, two chains of lenticular, spiral cavities are formed. As the rotor turns within the stator, the sealed cavities spiral up the pump without changing size or shape and carry the pumped product.

For oil production, the stator is fixed to the tubing and the rotor is attached to a sucker rod string. The pump is driven by rotation of the sucker rod string. As an alternative, elec­trical submersible progressing cavity pumps can be offered, particularly on deviated wells.

Applications for CAL Progressing Cavity Pumps

  Horizontal, slant and directional wells

  Medium to heavy sand laden crude oil

  Dewatering gas wells

  Coal Bed Methane

  High water cuts

  High temperatures such as SAGD projects

  Light crude oil with high aromatic content



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