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ESP Systems

A typical submersible pumping unit consists of an electric motor, seal section, intake section, multistage centrifugal pump, electric cable, surface installed switchboard, junction box, and transformers. Additional miscellaneous components of installation will include means of securing the cable alongside the tubing and well head supports. Optional equipment may include a pressure sentry for sensing bottom-hole temperature and pressure, check and bleeder valves.

ESP Pumps

HPOGC provided submersible pumping systems have a wide range of applications and offer an efficient and economical lift method. Vertical or horizontal wells up to 15,000 ft, hotter than 250 degC [482 degF], and ranging in production from 100 bbl/d to 100,000 bbl/d are potential electrical submersible pump (ESP) wells. Even if sand production, high GOR, and viscosity are concerns, you can find the right ESP for your well and improve production.

ESP Motors

The motor is the driving force (prime mover) which turns the pump. The   electrical motors used in submergible pump operations are two pole, three phase, squirrel cage induction type. These motors run at a relatively constant speed of 3,500 rpm on 60 frequency and 2,915 on 50 Hz. The motors are filled with a highly refined mineral oil that must provide dielectric strength, lubrication for bearings, and good thermal conductivity.

ESP Protectors

The HPOGC provided ESP protector provides the ultimate protection available against well fluid entering the motor. There are three options for the oil reservoir chamber:

 The labyrinth section simply uses the differential weight of the fluid to create a barrier and a maze for the wellbore fluid to travel through before it enters the motor. These were the first protectors used and are still very popular in vertical wells.

 The positive seal protector, or elastomer bag, provides a barrier between the well fluids and the motor oil to allow operation in gaseous or deviated wells. The bags come in different materials depending on the application.

 The metal bellows is also a positive seal to well fluids and provides an impervious barrier to H2S, which tends to permeate elastomers and enter the motor. The bellows is also rated for high-temperature applications up to 475 degF (246 degC).

In addition to the function of a seal, the ESP protector also serves as an oil reservoir for the motor, balances the internal pressure of the well fluid, and carries the thrust load of the pump.




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