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Downhole Monitoring Systems | Downhole Sensors

A reliable downhole monitoring system is of utmost importance for assessing well and artificial lift system performance. Reliable measurements surrounding your ESP or other lift system gives you confidence in pushing that system to its optimum performance, enabling maximum production with the knowledge that the pump is running within its specified limits — optimum production and runlife can be successfully and confidently managed with reliable downhole sensor equipment.

E-Series ESP Monitoring

Maximise the runlife of your electrical submersible pump (ESP) and optimise production while reducing costs with the E-Series ESP Monitoring System.

Multiple specifications enable an economical system to be deployed that suits your well; parameters can be hand-picked to measure the data that is valuable to your operation and options range from a simple 3-parameter to full 7-parameter system.

C-Series Artificial Lift Monitoring (Non-ESP)

C-Series Monitoring Systems, with fit-for-purpose design for non-ESP environments, release detailed and accurate information about the operation of your well, reservoir and pumping system, economically advancing the level of information traditionally used to operate lifting systems such as progressing cavity pump (PCP), beam pump, jet pump and gas lift.

C-Series systems can be used to monitor any lifting system: Progressing Cavity Pump (PCP), Beam Pump / Rod Lift, Gas Lift, Jet Pump, Injection Wells, Observation Wells, Gas Well Dewatering.



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