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Material Support and Procurement (MSP) Services

Material Support and Procurement is one of the 3 main services of HPOGC. Inclusive of 5 different categories, these services are provided either though our local manufacturing centers in Iran or our sole agencies  from suppliers located in Canada, UK, EU and China.

The five categories of our MSP services are:

   Sidetracking, Fishing and Milling Products

   Downhole Equipment

   Artificial Lift Products

   Surface Production Equipment

  Rig Equipment

Local Manufacturing

Our end users can access high quality products molded up from a selected range of high quality raw materials. Computer controlled machinery tools are used in our manufacturing process in order to deliver dimensional accuracy, precise machining and expected high qualities. We inspect, assemble and test every piece of equipment  before sending out to our valuable customers. Computer tracking systems are used to schedule and monitor each customer’s order during the manufacturing process.

Equipment manufactured by HPOGC owes its high quality to manufacturing procedures, which are constantly upgraded to suit the precision requirements of the items. Most of the items are manufactured on CNC machines ensuring accuracy and repeatability. At every stage, our quality inspector inspects before releasing items to next stage. Appropriate steps are taken at every stage of manufacturing to ensure exclusion of all possible mistakes. The final product is then pushed thru all the acceptance tests before release for shipping. Third party inspections are also organized to suit the requirements of the customers.

Manufacturing Engineering

Our experienced engineers have in-depth knowledge of drilling and completion equipment design. By combining this knowledge with state-of-the-art computer systems and softwares’ they are able to model, analyze, modify and test each piece of equipment and continuously improve the design.


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