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Operations Supervision

Upstream oil and gas operators will find a comprehensive provider at HPOGC when it comes to fulfilling the needs of drilling engineering and supervision.  We provide resources to numerous clients operating both onshore and offshore for exploration and production operations.  In many cases HPOGC serves as a General  Contractor for non-resident and independent operators seeking overall project management and execution of their drilling, completion and testing programs.  Our team of highly qualified professionals routinely works closely with the client representative to plan and execute a safe, cost effective and efficient drilling program.

Our drilling engineering staff is intimately familiar with well design, permitting and planning for exploration and development wells.  During drilling operations they continue to provide oversight and engineering support to the on-site supervisors to ensure regulatory compliance, good oilfield practices and safe and successful operations on behalf of our clients.  All HPOGC engineers and drilling supervisors are well-control certified as operators’ representatives with the knowledge and experience to provide on-site supervision of drilling operations.  Typical HPOGC  Operations Supervision Services are listed below:

    Drilling Operations Supervision

    Material and Logistics Coordinatio Key Personnel:

    Project Manager

    Drilling Engineer

    Drilling Operations Superintendent

    Drilling Supervisor (Day/Night)

    Logistics Coordinator

    HSE Officer







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