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QHSE Policy

This QA policy contains the policy declaration Safety, Health and Environment measures, Material management, How our organization wants to accomplish continuous improvement and how we Acquire customer satisfaction.


Human Resources (policy declaration safety, health & environment)

Introducing and maintaining the Safety, Health and Environment measures is a very important part of HPOGC’s policy. This is being expressed in instructions, trainings and in the fact that all equipment and personal protection means are geared to the means and usage of them. The management is striving to prevent personal injury, material and environmental damages. If omission does occur, the management is striving to offer personnel a suitable replacing job as soon as possible. The management of HPOGC also offers their personnel the possibility to undergo a medical check-up or to consult a company doctor.

 The management of HPOGC considers Safety, Health and Environment a very important part of her tasks and will evaluate and adjust (when necessary) the Safety, Health and Environment policy at the end of each year and discuss these policy adjustments with the persons concerned. Furthermore the management will take part of all the meetings concerning Safety, Health and Environment and will hold workplace inspections.

This way Safety, Health and Environment will be a regular subject of conversation within all forms of discussion. Also environment matters deserve the attention of the management. The management of HPOGC is striving to use as much environmentally friendly means, to collect separated waste and restrict environmental damage. Environment management is most certainly covered in all our procedures and work instructions.

Means and materials

The materials policy is identified through the availability of a wide scope of professional and specialised tools, supporting a wider range of services. The materials are inspected periodically as per HPOGC and customer requirements. This establishes the company as a reliable and trustworthy oil tool rental company.  Tools and materials are not only selected according to functionality and price/quality comparisons but also according to the Arbo aspects.

Process control

It is very important to HPOGC BV to master the company processes of the organisation.  The QA-system is a very good resource for this. Within the QA-system the company processes are defined and a method has been included to measure and monitor company processes. The results of the measuring and monitoring enable HPOGC to periodically evaluate and if necessary adjust the company processes.

 Through a clear view into the company processes the organisation is able to continue to improve, to remain customer orientated and to ensure the quality of the products and services.

Customer satisfaction

The measuring and monitoring of the customer satisfaction to create a stable client appreciation is an all-embracing goal in the company policy for the years to come. This holds a prominent place in our QA-system.

 This company policy and the plan reflect the scope of HPOGC functions. This document will be evaluated and reviewed each year and all revisions will be implemented.


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